The Subject


Nichi McFarlane and Josh Faturos

& Brandon C. Lay

Original painting by Kelly Kehs

Nichi McFarlane

The Subject was originally one of the vignettes from the feature film Victims of a Sun Shower. The original edit of Victims was nearly two and half hours long. So The Subject's story line was pulled from the feature and expanded into it's own forty minute short film.

The Subject was the realization of themes like longing, desire, memory, intimacy and identity first explored in Victims of a Suns Shower due to the fearless performances by it's two leading actors. Nichi and Josh's dedication and trust in writer/director Brandon C. Lay are truly what brought this beautiful and challenging film to fruition. 

The Subject contains two powerhouse performances from Josh Faturos and Nichi McFarlane who express their vulnerability both with their naked body and their naked souls in the film. The explicit sexuality and intimacy in the piece has made it Living Proof Pictures most polarizing film. Those open to experience have been deeply moved and those who are made uncomfortable by realistic depictions of expreme sexuality have felt alienated by the films risks.