Victims of a Sun Shower

Victims of a Sun Shower was Living Proof Pictures return to filmmaking after six years. The 2012 project assembled returning Bloodstone cast memebers, NCC alumni and members of the Lehigh Valley theatre community who had worked with writer/director Brandon C. Lay on stage. The film incorporated local musicians and artists and shot at live events including The Silk Tease, Stonewall's Faggot Feud and a filmed stage production of Brandon C. Lay's "...Red Then" starring Maria Sole, James Mason and Craig Mahlman.

The film followed the intersecting lives of various artists and performers in their twenties through their most intimate relationships exploring memory, sexuality, youth and identity in an environment of freedom and experimentation. There was no budget and equipment was minimal but the dedication of the cast and crew made for a vulnerable, avant garde film full of passion and risks and poetry.

Starring: Dani Everett, Maria Sole, Jami Haja, James Mason, Steven Nazario, Peter Sikalias and Cassidy Theoret

Victims of a Sun Shower

Original Synopsis

Victims of a Sun Shower is a tribute to relativism and an exploration of erotic memory. Overlapping character vignettes propel us freewheeling through fantasies, fallacies, fabrications and falsehoods in search of inspiration. Stream of consciousness; breaking the fourth wall; associative and expressionistic editing; live theatre, burlesque and drag performances; scripted and improvisational scenes were all implemented in creating Victims non-linear narrative.


A director (Cassidy Theoret) stokes the fire of passion between his two leads (Maria Sole, James Mason) to ensure a successful play. A shy fan (Dani Everett) finally works up the courage to approach her favorite musician (Jami Haja). A unraveling drag queen (Steven Nazario) seeks love and stability from a stranger (Peter Sikalias). A womanizer (Brandon Lay) tracks down the one that go away (Jasmine Brotzman).


Created on a macro budget of under a thousand dollars, victims still accomplishes to be darkly comic, unflinichingly vivid, intensely sensual, openly neurotic, unselfconsciously vulgar and unexpectedly majestic.


It is simultaneously an examination of the insecurities of the working class artist and a testament to their passions.

Dani Everett

Jami Haja

Steven Nazario

Peter Sikalias

Cassidy Therot

Jasmine Brotzman

Craig Mahlman

Matt Oberdoster

Jen Santos

Jason Singer

Melissa Miller

Original artwork by Rose Noel