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Independent Filmmaking

Out of the Lehigh Valley

Living Proof Pictures is an award winning film production company that has been creating original content out of Bethlehem Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley for over ten years. Such films as The Worry Doll, The Ground that Sinks, Binge Purge, A Hole to China and Make it Pink have been recognized by film festivals and awards bodies across the country and around the world. 

On the Festival Circuit

Cueball Trailer

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Simple as That

On the Festival Circuit

Living Proof Pictures newest short film Simple as That


The Worry Doll

The Worry Doll

Spread Sunshine Not Germs

Written and directed by Brandon C. Lay

Starring Syd Stauffer, Jenna McBreen, Kate Hughes


After a series of unexplainable night terrors Tess (Syd Stauffer) becomes obsessed with finding her estranged sister, Janie (Karisa Hope). Tess and her best friend Ashlyn (Kate Huges) enlist her sister's ex girlfriend Tick-Tick (Jenna McBreen) to help search for her in the drug underworld.



Living Proof Pictures teamed with NAMI-Lehigh Valley to bring you this social distancing PSA "Spread Sunshine Not Germs" starring Jenna McBreen, Sarah Cugini and Boo as herself. With vocal performance by Syd Stauffer. Directed by Living Proof Pictures founder Brandon C. Lay.

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Living Proof Pictures - The Ground that

Living Proof Pictures has ten short films, five features and a ten episode limited series which you can explore in greater detail across this site and in the Films section. Many of these titles are available to stream on Amazon.

Living Proof Pictures - Macie on a Good

The Ground that Sinks

Written and directed by Brandon C. Lay

Starring Valynn Turkovich, Nicole Anderson, Zena Spratley


Living Proof Pictures 2017 feature film. After the death of her father Paige (Turkovich) attempts to reconnect with her mother (Marcy Repp) and two younger sisters Jill (Anderson) and Zena (Spratley as all the woman attempt to rediscover themselves through their grief. 

Macie on a Good Day

Written and directed by Brandon C. Lay

Starring Jen Santos, Maria Sole, Elizabeth Shumway

Living Proof Pictures 2014 feature film. Macie (Santos) is a twenty-three year old woman with IDD (Individual with Developmental Disability) stuck in the middle of a feud between her sisters Abby (Sole), a recovering alcoholic trying to become a more active member in Macie's life and her primary caregiver Megan (Shumway).

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Price of Faerie Tales

Written and directed by Brandon C. Lay

Starring Jenna McBreen, Syd Stauffer, James Mason 


Living Proof Pictures ten episode limied series. Sanya (McBreen) moves back home after losing her business and her relationship and reconnects with her elder sister Nadine (Stauffer).

In Production

Bitter Taste of Ginger

Written and directed by Brandon C. Lay

Starring Sarah Cugini, Marcy Repp, Chris Egging 


Living Proof Pictures sixth feature film currently in pre-production.