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Living Proof Pictures  |  Independent Filmmaking

Living Proof Pictures is a Lehigh Valley based production company known for their films featuring dynamic female leads and the unique voice of writer/director Brandon C. Lay.

In the last five years alone Living Proof Pictures has produced three features, nine shorts and a ten episode limited series involving hundreds of different collaborators and local businesses.


The films have travelled across the country and all over the world, gradually developing a local and global audience and fanbase through our inclusion in dozens of International Film Festivals.​

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Bitter Taste of Ginger  |  Feature Film 

Living Proof Pictures newest feature film has remained almost entirely under wraps throughout its production in 2020. On January 12th 2021 Bitter Taste of Ginger concluded post production. Bitter Taste of Ginger has since received Five Official Selections.

New on the Festival Circuit

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