A Hole to China

Starring: Valynn Turkovich and James Mason

A Hole to China was created in the space of twenty four hours for the Marietta International Film Festival's 24 Hour Film Race in June of 2016. Those entering the race are given a theme, prop and action at 10pm and have until 10pm the following day to write, cast, shoot, edit and submit a film to the Festival Director. 2016 was the first year that Living Proof Pictures entered with only a team of four people: Brandon serving as writer, director, cinematographer and editor, James Mason as composer and actor, Ryan MacNamara on sound design and Valynn Turkovich to star.

Rules required the film be under five minutes and incorporate the prop of a deck of cards, the action of pushing a button and the theme of second chances. The film was named one of that years 24 finalists and premiered at the festival on August 7th 2016 taking home 4th Place overall and Best Actress for Valynn.

Since A Hole to China has gone on to festival across the United States and abroad.

The Cast


Make it Pink was written, cast, rehearsed, shot, edited and scored in the space of only 24 Hours.

Writer/Director Brandon C. Lay also shot and edited the film and all throughout the process when he wasn't acting in the film James Mason was composing the score. Ryan MacNamara provided his skills in capturing and creating the soundscape for the film. 

Best SHORT Short: 5 Minutes or Less



Best Screenplay - Brandon C. Lay


Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

Los Angeles CineFest


24 Hour Film Race

Finalist - 4th Place

WINNER - Best Actress (Valynn Turkovich)


A Hole to China ended it's festival run and was widely released to the public on June 7th 2017