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Joshua Faturos


Josh Faturos was one of the very first collaborators with Living Proof Pictures founder Brandon C. Lay. In late 2005 Josh began rehearsals for Brandon's first film Bloodstone and later starred in one of the vignettes of the feature film Victims of Sun Shower in 2012. His character's story line was expanded into a companion short film called The Subject the following year.

Production Still 014.jpg

Since Josh has continued his support of Living Proof Pictures both in front and behind the camera, appearing in Macie on a Good Day and Price of Faerie Tales and contributing financially as an Executive Producer on The Worry Doll, Price of Faerie Tales, Simple as That and the up coming Bitter Taste of Ginger.​

Josh will be making his return to in front of the camera in the supporting role of Baby in the feature film Finger Laced Crown.

Bloodstone Favs (1).jpg
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