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Kate Hughes

Kate Hughes is a comedian, actress, artist and business woman out of Historic Bethlehem. She first collaborated with Living Proof Pictures and writer/director Brandon C. Lay on his film Binge ∞ Purge portraying the effervescent Jacey for which she was nominated for Best Actress in a Short from Golden Door International Film Festival and won Best Supporting Actress at the Maverick Movie Awards. Also Kate's hard work behind the scenes earned her a Co-Producer credit on the film.

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Kate plays fan favorite character Jacey, a spacey, fast talking do-good with lightning in a bottle energy and enthusiasm. Tempered with a wealth of empathy and humor, the marriage of Kate and Jacey is nearly seamless making her one of Living Proof Pictures most lovable characters.

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Kate also co-starred opposite Syd Stauffer and Jenna McBreen in the feature film The Worry Doll as Ashlyn for which she shares a Best Acting Ensemble award for from the Sanford International Film Festival. Kate portrays Ashlyn as an alpha thrill seeker. Kate brings a confrontational dissatisfaction to Ashlyn with both explosive energy and reserved intensity delivering a commanding performance with her second Living Proof Pictures role

Kate's networking has been instrumental in both large and small ways, behind the scenes, on several Living Proof Pictures productions including Price of Faerie Tales which she also appears in during Episode Nine. Her most recent work with Living Proof Pictures includes portraying Rose the Sunflower in the Addy award winning commercial for Soltech Solutions. She was last seen in the feature film Bitter Taste of Ginger opposite Sarah Cugini and Marcy Repp.

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