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Maria Sole


Maria Sole is among the first of Living Proof Pictures Regular Players. Maria appears in Brandon C. Lay's first film Bloodstone along with Josh Faturos and James Mason. Maria also played one of the central roles in the ensemble cast of Victims of a Sun Shower which earned her one of the three leads in the feature film Macie on a Good Day opposite Jen Santos and Elizabeth Shumway.​

Maria plays Abby, a recovering alcoholic desperately seeking to become a more active member in her sister's life. Abby is one of the most engaging characters in Living Proof Pictures history due in large part to Maria's dynamic and engaging performance.

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Maria has continued in supporting roles in Binge ∞ Purge, The Worry Doll, episode six of Price of Faerie Tales and is one of the relied upon actresses of Living Proof Pictures for over a decade. She will next be seen in the feature film Finger Laced Cronw, currently in post-production.

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