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Syd Stauffer


Since joining the team in 2017 Syd has become one of the most prolific contributors to Living Proof Pictures with eight credits to her name starting with Make it Pink for which she won Best Supporting Actress from the Marietta International Film Festival's 24 Hour Film Race. Since she has had Five starring roles in The Worry Doll, Do You Still Have Lines, Price of Faerie Tales, Full Stop Fallacy and most recently Twice for No.

In The Worry Doll Syd takes on her first leading role for Living Proof Pictures with the central character of Tess. Like the character, Syd relied on instincts to play the fragile and resilient Tess providing the heart and through-line of mysterious adventure that is The Worry Doll. Syd was twice nominated for Best Actress for her performance and shares a Best Ensemble Acting award from the Sanford International Film Festival.

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Syd followed up Tess in The Worry Doll with her most expansive role yet in the ten episode limited series Price of Faerie Tales as the character of Nadine. Syd imbues Nadine with subtle ever compounding vulnerability gradually revealing one of Living Proof Pictures most complex characters to date. 

Syd has taken part in the last six annual 24 Hour Film Racing shorts and will next be seen in 2024's feature film Finger Laced Crown.

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