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Torez Mosley


Torez Mosley, along with Sarah Cugini and Felecia White represent the newest wave of Living Proof Pictures' Regular Players. Torez first auditioned for the writer/director Brandon C. Lay for the role of Lemon Drop in the limited series Price of Faerie Tales in 2018. Torez joined the cast and starred opposite Jenna McBreen, Syd Stauffer and James Mason.

Torez brought equal parts whimsy and confidence to Lemon Drop giving her first Living Proof Pictures performance a spontaneity and assertiveness like no other could have brought to the role.


During production on the series, Torez appeared in the Film Racing short film Do You Still Have Lines opposite Syd Stauffer and Sarah Cugini. Most recently Torez stars in the ensemble short Simple as That along with Cassidy Theoret, Jenna McBreen, Felecia White and Elizabeth Shumway.

Sequence 40.Still003.jpg

Torez was also featured in the PSA "I'm Okay" and the subsequent print ad work created with NAMI-LV for the Northampton County Department of Mental Health. You'll see her next reprising the role of the Lemon Drop as the central character in the feature film Finger Laced Crown.

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