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Elizabeth Shumway


Elizabeth Shumway has been working with writer/director Brandon C. Lay since 2004 when they both were part of the Northampton Community College Theatre program. While Elizabeth has a small cameo appearance in Victims of a Sun Shower, it wouldn't be until 2013 when pre-production and rehearsals began for Macie on a Good Day that the pair would work on something substantial together.

In Macie on a Good Day, Brandon wasn't only her director but also served as her co-star. Elizabeth would later serve as Brandon's assistant director on the ten episode limited series Price of Faerie Tales in 2018.


Since Macie, Elizabeth has appears in five other Living Proof Pictures' productions including Binge ∞ Purge, The Worry Doll, Do You Still Have Lines, In Sight of Zikra and most recently co-starring in ensemble short Simple as That opposite Torez Mosley, Cassidy Theoret, Jenna McBreen and Felecia White for which she was nominated for Best Support Actress by the Out of the Can International Film Festival.

In 2022 Elizabeth earned a well deserved and long over due Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in the Film Racing short Things My Sister Said.

Elizabeth will next appear as Sybil in the feature film Finger Laced Crown currently in post production and set for a 2024 premiere on the festival circuit.

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