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Felecia White


Felecia White is the newest member of Living Proof Pictures Regular Players. Felecia has worked diligently both in front and behind the camera since joining the team on the 2019 Film Race film In Sight of Zikra. Also in 2019 rehearsals began on the ensemble short film Simple as That which Felecia not only stars in along with Torez Mosley, Cassidy Theoret, Jenna McBreen and Elizabeth Shumway, but is also a producer of the film.

Entire Film.00_16_07_20.Still021.jpg

Felecia is a woman who's honesty and warmth permeates through every moment she appears in Simple as That. Inhabiting a character with so much love that everyone who spends time in the film feels a little less alone. For her performance she was nominated as Best Actress and shares the awards for Best Special Interest Film and Best LGBTQ Film.

Felecia's naturalistic and genuine approach to acting has garnered her three roles in the space of her first year on the team and her networking and business acumen behind the scenes has hugely contributed to the smoothness of the production side of things on both Simple as That and Full Stop Fallacy.

Still 005.jpg

Felecia next appeared in the Film Racing shorts Twice for No and Things My Sister Said. She will next be see in the feature film Finger laced Crown opposite Torez Mosley.

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