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James Mason is not only one of the earliest Living Proof Pictures collaborators he is also founder Brandon C. Lay's best friend. The pair have been a creative duo since their early days at Emmaus High School, class of 2004 collaborating on comedies like the Adventures of Sparticus and Phil. They continued their education together at Northampton Community College's theatre program. In 2005 James joined the cast of Brandon's first feature Bloodstone.​


James Mason

Since, James has had the most appearances in Living Proof Pictures films including: Victims of a Sun Shower, Macie on a Good Day, A Hole to China, The Ground that Sinks, Make it Pink, Do You Still Have Lines, The Worry Doll (for which he shares the award of Best Acting Ensemble from Sanford International Film Festival), Price of Faerie Tales, Full Stop Fallacy and a hidden cameo in the upcoming feature film Bitter Taste of Ginger. He will next be seen in the feature film A Memory of Chopin, currently in pre-production.

Freddy 001.jpg

James is also an award winning composer and has contributed music to the majority of the films list above as well as Binge ∞ Purge, Fish Kisses, Twice for No and the reissue of the social distancing PSA "Mask Germs Not Emotions."

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