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Jenna McBreen

Character actress Jenna McBreen first joined the team in 2017 starring in the feature film The Worry Doll. In her first performance for Living Proof Pictures Jenna slithers onto the scene playing against type as the foul mouth drug addict, Tick-Tick. Jenna embodies Tick-Tick with as much wit and vulnerability as she does crass vulgarity taking the trickster archetype from classic faerie tales and grounding her with a childlike curiosity and innocence giving us one of Living Proof Pictures most dynamic and fun characters.


For her portrayal Jenna became the most awarded performer on the Living Proof Pictures team, picking up two Best Supporting Actress Awards at ReadingFilmFEST and Out of the Can International Film Festival out of the UK. She also shares in the Best Acting Ensemble Award from the Sanford International Film Festival and was additionally nominated for her performance by the Anatomy Crime and Horror International Film Festival out of Greece.​


After her work on The Worry Doll, Jenna went on to star in the ten episode limited series Price of Faerie Tales. In the series Jenna plays the enigmatic Sanya, balancing her ever changing personality of prideful genius, entitled princess and wounded child with ease in her most vulnerable and revealing role to date. 


During production on the series Jenna also starred in the film racing short In Sight of Zikra created for the Cobb International Film Festival's 24 Hour Short Film where she won Best Supporting Actress. Jenna most recently co-starred in the ensemble Simple as That and appears in the Film Racing short Full Stop Fallacy. Jenna also joined the cast of the Rose the Sunflower video series as Red the Rose opposite Kate Hughes, Sarah Cugini and Valynn Turkovich.

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