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Marcy Repp


Marcy Repp has been a pivotal member of Living Proof Pictures since 2016 when she joined the cast of The Ground that Sinks. Marcy has since starred in Make it Pink which took home first place at the Marietta International Film Festival’s 24 Hour Film Race and has subsequently been in every Film Racing short since, including Do You Still Have Lines, In Sight of Zikra, Full Stop Fallacy and 2021's Twice for No​.

In Make it Pink Marcy portrays Phyllis a woman on the verge of a breakdown desperately trying to hold it together for her husband's birthday. Marcy shines as she wanders and navigates Phyllis meandering thoughts and emotions as she struggles to make sense of the loss of her daughter and reconnect with what little she has left. 

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On the feature film The Worry Doll Marcy served in the costume department, as an executive producer and played Selene in the film, for which she shares a Best Acting Ensemble Award from the Sanford International Film Festival. Marcy has also contributed financially as an executive producer on Price of Faerie Tales and Simple as That.

Marcy's brings an uninhibited childlike wonder to every role she inhabits giving each of her performances an indelible stamp of eccentric beauty and unpredictability. Her most exciting work to date has yet to be revealed as it awaits the premiere of Living Proof Pictures newest feature film Bitter Taste of Ginger.

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In Bitter Taste of Ginger Marcy stars opposite Sarah Cugini and Chris Egging and brings to life her most unforgettable character yet.

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