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Sarah Cugini


Sarah Cugini first auditioned for a role in the limited series Price of Faerie Tales in 2018 where she was cast in Episode Five opposite Jenna McBreen. While in production for Faerie Tales Sarah had her first co-starring role as Bubbles in the film racing short Do You Still Have Lines.

Since Sarah has also appeared in the Living Proof Pictures shorts Fish Kisses, In Sight of Zikra, Full Stop Fallacy and Twice for No. She's also featured in NAMI-LV Social Distancing PSA "Spread Sunshine not Germs" and the Northampton Department of Mental Health's "I'm Okay" campaign.


Sarah's most exciting work is just beginning however. In 2020 she starred in the short film Cueball for which she is also a producer. Cueball was an Official Selection of the St. Louis International Film Festival, making it the first Living Proof Pictures film to screen at an Academy Award qualifying film festival.  In the film Sarah exemplifies pure bravery and raw honesty in the exploration of domestic abuse, mental health, beauty standards and the growing emotional disconnect brought on by social media.

Sarah continues in 2021 to be one of Living Proof Pictures most frequent collaborators appearing in the continuing episodic videos of Rose the Sunflower as Tulip the tulip. She also appears in the new film racing short Twice for No.


Sarah most notable performance is as the titular Ginger in Bitter Taste of Ginger which earned her 6 wins for Best Actress and another 5 nominations, making her the most lauded actress on the Living Proof Pictures team. She is next be seen opposite Torez Mosley in the feature film Finger Laced Crown.

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