Valynn Turkovich


Valynn Turkovich was the face of Living Proof Pictures in 2016 and 2017, starring in three back to back leading roles. In 2015 Valynn auditioned for and was offered the role of Paige in the feature film The Ground that Sinks. In February of 2016 Valynn started principal photography on Binge Purge. Also 2016 was year Valynn starred in the Film Racing short A Hole to China which won her the Best Actress Award at the Marietta International Film Festival's 24 Hour Film Race. 

Valynn erupts into her first Living Proof Pictures film with her fearless and confrontational portrayal of Valerie a woman who after losing her job relapses into bulimia. 

In 2017 The Ground that Sinks began it's festival circuit leading to two nominations for Best Actress for Valynn from Marietta International Film Festival and the Maverick Movie Awards. The following year Binge Purge began it's festival circuit and again Valynn was nominated for Best Actress by Marietta and Maverick as well as the Top Indie Film Awards. Valynn will next be seen in the feature film Bitter Taste of Ginger and is currently in pre-production on A Memory of Chopin. 

Valynn plays Paige, a woman slowly self destructing after losing her father. Valynn approaches the role with a mesmerizing grace and fury bottled in an ever intensifying neurotic energy.

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